“Weapons History Journal”, 10, 2021

Vasiliy R. Novosyolov Peter the Great’s Travel Sword Denis A. Sheremetev Concerning Shashka Hilts Yelizaveta I. Neratova The Mysterious Mark of “Gevork” Levan B. Dvalishvili Concerning the Genealogy of the Master of Cold Weapons Geurk Alexey K. Levykin, Vasiliy R. Novosyolov The Dagger of the Serasker Agmet Urfe-Valesa, a Relic of Russian Military Glory Dmitry Y. Miloserdov Author’s response to A. Barkan’s review of “Edged Weapons of Afghanistan 19 – early 20th century” Igor D. Zavorotko General orders and circulaires of the Ministry of War of the Russian Empire related to melee weapons (1843-1917) Exhibition Overview: “Masterpieces of Tula Armourers” in the Tula State Museum of Arms and Armour (December 18, 2020 – May 30, 2021) In memory of Anatoly N. Kirpichnikov Download issue in Russian