“Weapons History Journal”, 13, 2024

Editorial “Duck test” or bulat steels, which are just steels, and common steels, which are bulat ones Vasiliy R. Novosyolov The sabre of Ibrahim Pasha, the Kaffa serasker, as a relic of the Russo-Turkish War (1768-1775) Sergey P. Orlenko, Vasiliy R. Novosyolov On ceremonial arms of Russian sovereigns’ pilgrimages in the last quarter of the 17th century Levan B. Dvalishvili From the history of Western Georgian filigree. Master Philippe “Philu” Dzadzamidze Kamil S. Khaidakov, Dmitry A. Sukhanov Chemical composition of blades as an attributing feature for bulat steels of the Indo-Persian region of the 17th-19th centuries Maksim I. Zvjagincev Reconstructing the system of sword wielding by French cuirassiers and dragoons, 1803-1815 Kamil S. Khaidakov Arms of the North Caucasus. A critical view on established theories – Historical Weapons Research Sergey V. Talantov Private orders for kindjal and shashka blades of the Kuban Cossack Host from Zlatoust arms factory in the…

“Weapons History Journal”, 12, 2023

Levan B. Dvalishvili Armoury Row in Tiflis from the 1630s to the 1920s Yuri G. Efimov, Eugeny A. Rodionov Gunsmith Johann Joachim Grecke in Russia. New Biographical Data Elizaveta I. Neratova Kubachi arms in Russian Museum of Ethnography. Part 1: Items acquired for the museum by E.M. Shilling Levan B. Dvalishvili Analysis of Traditional Georgian Terminology for Bulat and Damascus Steel Alexander N. Chubinsky The Barrel Department and the Kremlin Armoury. Military Arms Manufacture at the Moscow Velvet Yard in 1700–1707 Elizaveta I. Neratova Fates of museologists and museum items.To the biography of K.Z. Kavtaradze Maksim I. Zvjagincev Reconstruction of the Mounted Swordsmanship System According to “Rules and Regulations for the Sword Exercise of the Cavalry” With the Use of the Original Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry Sword Sergey V. Talantov On blades of daggers and shashkas used by the Terek Cossack Host in the late 19th to early 20th centuries…

“Weapons History Journal”, 11, 2021

Editorial What Dreams May Come Rybel D. A. Iconography of Kite-Shields in the Western European Manuscripts of the Late X-XI Centuries Talantov S. V. Kabardian Craftsmen in the XVIII Century: Production and Decoration of Arms Dvalishvili., Talantov S. V. Arms Production in Adjaro-Gurian region in the end of 18th – early 20th Century Novoselov V. R. Russian Combat Knives of XIV–XVII Centuries: Classification Error and Authentic Artefacts of the Kremlin Armoury Collection Kurbatov O. A. The Legend of “berendeika”. Historical and Linguistic Note Download issue in Russian

“Weapons History Journal”, 10, 2021

Vasiliy R. Novosyolov Peter the Great’s Travel Sword Denis A. Sheremetev Concerning Shashka Hilts Yelizaveta I. Neratova The Mysterious Mark of “Gevork” Levan B. Dvalishvili Concerning the Genealogy of the Master of Cold Weapons Geurk Alexey K. Levykin, Vasiliy R. Novosyolov The Dagger of the Serasker Agmet Urfe-Valesa, a Relic of Russian Military Glory Dmitry Y. Miloserdov Author’s response to A. Barkan’s review of “Edged Weapons of Afghanistan 19 – early 20th century” Igor D. Zavorotko General orders and circulaires of the Ministry of War of the Russian Empire related to melee weapons (1843-1917) Exhibition Overview: “Masterpieces of Tula Armourers” in the Tula State Museum of Arms and Armour (December 18, 2020 – May 30, 2021) In memory of Anatoly N. Kirpichnikov Download issue in Russian

“Weapons History Journal”, 9, 2020

Interview with Yuri G. Efimov Evgeniy A. Rodionov Weapons by Michele Lorenzoni in the Collection of the Gatchina Palace Elena I. Malozyomova European Elements in the Military Culture and Weapon Use in Iran Vsevolod N. Obraztsov, Yuri A. Pyatnitsky A saber with an Image of St. George from the Collection of the State Hermitage Museum Alexander N. Tchubinskiy On the Inventory of Boris Godunov’s Weapon Treasury. The year of 1588 Nadejda R. Biskup The Collection of Corps Weapons from the State Hermitage Museum “Arsenal” Yelizaveta I. Neratova A sword, a suit of armour and a quiver to be presented to Nicholas II Vasiliy R. Novosyolov An officer’s Fate. Junior Captain A. G. Erkudov’s small sword with an award badge of the Order of St. Anne Andrey E. Bogdanov On the Origin of Armour-marking in the German-speaking Lands Download issue in Russian

Historical Weaponology 8 2020

“Weapons History Journal”, 8, 2020

Editorial Sheremetev D. A. Weapon as a Party to a Relationship Kurochkin A. Y. An Attempt of Hermeneutic Approach to Solve a Problem, Concerning the Interpretation of Indian Historical Weapons as Signs-Objects of Traditional Culture Miloserdov D. Y. Specifity of Identification of the Materials, Used for Oriental Edged Weapons Handles Manufacturing, as well as Pieces of Applied Arts, Made of Rhinoceros Horn Malozyomova E. I. Edged Weapons and Ritualized Theatrical Performances in Iran Neratova E. I. Review: D. Y. Miloserdov “Edged Weapons of Afghanistan 19 – early 20th century” Barkan A. Review: D. Y. Miloserdov “Edged Weapons of Afghanistan 19 – early 20th century” Malozyomova E. I., Obrazcov Vs. N. Exhibition Overview: «“Clutching the hilt of the sword …”. Military culture and the weapons traditions of the Middle East» in the Omsk Regional Art Museum named after M. A. Vrubel (November 8, 2019 – May 24, 2020) Lazarevskaja E. G. Exhibition…

Historical Weaponology 7 2019

“Weapons History Journal”, 7, 2019

Content Orlenko S., Novoselov V., Kurmanovsky V. Revisiting the Russian Weapons from Crucible Steel in the 17th Century (a case study of the former archive of the Armoury Chamber) Senichev V. Rules of the Iberian two-handed sword, compiled by Diego Gomez de Figueiredo in 1651 Talantov S. French-language Marks of Blade Smiths from Kazi-Kumukh (Dagestan) in the 19th Century Kurochkin A. Review: Robert Elgood. Rajput Arms & Armour: The Rathores & Their Armoury at Jodhpur Fort. Mehrangarh Museum Trust, 2017 Obituary E.G.Astvatsaturian Download issue in Russian

Historical Weaponology 5-6 2018

“Weapons History Journal”, 5-6, 2017/2018

Content Alifer А. What is atajo Malozyomova E., Kurochkin A. Studying of Persian and Indian Miniature as Primary Source for Weapon History Research (methodological aspects) Miloserdov D. The Battle Axes of Afghanistan Novosyolov V. The Origins and Appurtenance of Richly Ornamented Weapons Transferred from the Ministry of Defense of the USSR to the Armoury Chamber in 1955 Samgin S. Edward fon Lenz – a founder of Russian weaponology Senichev V. “Le Jeu de la Hache” – a Burgundian Treatise on Dueling Yarovoj A. Training System of using shashka by the Don Cossacks Lenz E. Russia and the East in the history of weaponology Patton G.S. The Form and Use of the Saber Download issue in Russian

Historical Weaponology 4 2017

“Weapons History Journal”, 4, 2016

Content Barczewski S., Vetukov V. Two Pairs of the Short Ritual Swords of Vietnam Bobrov L. International Scientific Conference “Historical Arms and Armour in Museum and Private Collections”. (Review) Miloserdov D. Typology of Shamshir Hilts Samgin S. A Brief Review of the Soviet Cavalry Sword of 1927 Year Pattern Talantov S. A Dismountable Dagger by Geurk Eliarov from Tiflis Talantov S. On the Dagger belonged to Timothy Jaschik, the Bodyguard Cossack in the Emperor Nikolas II and the Empress Maria Fjodorovna Service Dr. Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani and Bede Dwyer. An annotated translation and description of an untitled Persian archery manuscript written by al-Abdolrāji Abu Torāb al-Musavi al-Qad Makāhi on a day of Jumada al-Thani, the year 1114 (November 1702) Maksimov. On the distinction advantages of cold weapons (8th February, 1857) Lenz E. Pearls inlaid in the blades (tr. from German: E. Lenz. Perlen in Klingen eingeschmiedet. In: Zeitschrift für Historische…

Historical Weaponology 3 2016

“Weapons History Journal”, 3, 2016

Content Dobriden S. On the Problem of the “Amur Swords” Kurochkin A. The weaponry complex of the Indian warrior-ascetics Miloserdov D. Shashkas of Afghanistan Samgin S. Scientific Legacy by Eduard von Lenz Talantov S. Dragoon Office Cavalry Sword – the Golden Weapon of Emperor Alexander III Chubinsky A. Saber Blades and Pole Arms with “Rolling Pearls” in the Collection of the Moscow Kremlin Museums Schindler O. Plated Chain Mails from Count Sheremetev’s Collection Lenz E. Lucca and crescent sign Haidakov K. Review of the article «Typology of Shamshir sword hilt» Download issue in Russian

Historical Weaponology 2 2015

“Weapons History Journal”, 2, 2016

Content Barczewski S. Vietnamese Bladed Melee Weapon of 19th – first half 20th Century. The Problems of Attribution Vetyukov V. Traditional Bladed Weapons of Vietnam. The Problems of Terminology Gorbunov V. Long-bladed Weapons of the Turkish Cavalry Dobriden S., Barczewski S.  The Unique Bronze Dagger from Primorski Territory Zavorotko I. On the Manufacturing of the Sabers and Swords in the Pavlovsk Steelworker’s District Kiziria V. On the Possible Functionality of a Mingrelian Stabbing Dagger in the Light of Analysis of Documented Precedents of Dagger Fighting Kurochkin A. On the Question of Jamdhar Dagger Emergence in the Weapons Complex of the Mughals Miloserdov D. The Question of the Relevance of the Term “Karud” Samgin S. “Non-standard” Soviet Cavalry Swords of the 1927 Year Pattern Toichkin D. Two 18th Century Sabers of the Balkan Origin from the Collection of Poltava Regional Museum Khorasani M., Shafeian H. Ewaz: A Center of Gunmaking in Iran Download issue in Russian


“Weapons History Journal”, 1, 2015

Content Editorial Bakradze I., Kiziria W. Western Georgia Broadswords and Sabers with Sloping Hilt without a Crossguard and Their Place in the Evolution of Caucasus Weapons with Long Blade Sheremetyev D. For Stabbing or for Cutting? The Ways of Dagger Use by the Caucasus Peoples in the 19th century Kurochkin A. On the Use of Indian Terms for Identification of Weapon Types Loparev A. The Self-made Submachine Guns Used by Belorussian Soviet Partisans During World War II Arkhangelsky L. The “Paren’ knife” – Legends and Facts Miloserdov D. “Southern” and “Northern” Bows in the “Hunting weapons” Collection of the State Darwin Museum Zakharov D., Terekhov E., Ustyanov A. Undocumented Russian Fascine Knife of the Shuvalov Observation Corps Anikin K. Mineral Surveyor V.F.Ludlov’s Small Sword Samgin S. An Attempt to Develop a Lecture Course Titled “Introduction to Historical Weaponology” Lenz E. A Few Words About Old Edged Weapons Review. Guerrilla weapons: the…