Historical Weaponology 3 2016

“Weapons History Journal”, 3, 2016

Content Dobriden S. On the Problem of the “Amur Swords” Kurochkin A. The weaponry complex of the Indian warrior-ascetics Miloserdov D. Shashkas of Afghanistan Samgin S. Scientific Legacy by Eduard von Lenz Talantov S. Dragoon Office Cavalry Sword – the Golden Weapon of Emperor Alexander III Chubinsky A. Saber Blades and Pole Arms with “Rolling Pearls” in the Collection of the Moscow Kremlin Museums Schindler O. Plated Chain Mails from Count Sheremetev’s Collection Lenz E. Lucca and crescent sign Haidakov K. Review of the article «Typology of Shamshir sword hilt» Download issue in Russian