Samgin S. V.

Information about the author Sergey V. Samgin – Ph.D, lecturer of the Tambov State University (Tambov, Moscow), Editor-in-Chief of WHJ All of author’s articles An Attempt to Develop a Lecture Course Titled “Introduction to Historical Weaponology” “Non-standard” Soviet Cavalry Swords of the 1927 Year Pattern Scientific Legacy by Eduard von Lenz A Brief Review of the Soviet Cavalry Sword of 1927 Year Pattern

Miloserdov D. Y.

Information about the author Dmitry Y. Miloserdov – Senior Researcher, Head of Sector at the State Darwin Museum (Moscow, Russia). All of author’s articles “Southern” and “Northern” Bows in the “Hunting weapons” Collection of the State Darwin Museum The Question of the Relevance of the Term “Karud” Shashkas of Afghanistan Typology of Shamshir Hilts The Battle Axes of Afghanistan Specifity of Identification of the Materials, Used for Oriental Edged Weapons Handles Manufacturing, as well as Pieces of Applied Arts, Made of Rhinoceros Horn Author’s response to A. Barkan’s review of “Edged Weapons of Afghanistan 19 – early 20th century” The response to A. O. Sopiev’s remark “How to respond to arrogance?”

Kurochkin A. Y.

Information about the author Aleksey Y. Kurochkin – Deputy Editor-in-Chief of WHJ (Moscow, Russia) All of author’s articles On the Use of Indian Terms for Identification of Weapon Types On the Question of Jamdhar Dagger Emergence in the Weapons Complex of the Mughals The Weaponry Complex of Indian Warrior-ascetics Studying of Persian and Indian Miniature as Primary Source for Weapon History Research (methodological aspects) Review: Robert Elgood. Rajput Arms & Armour: The Rathores & Their Armoury at Jodhpur Fort. Mehrangarh Museum Trust, 2017 An Attempt of Hermeneutic Approach to Solve a Problem, Concerning the Interpretation of Indian Historical Weapons as Signs-Objects of Traditional Culture Review: Jean-Baptiste Clais. Imperial Mughal Ivory Priming Flasks. A First Catalogue

Barczewski S. V.

Information about the author Sergey V. Barczewski – private researcher in the field of history of Chinese cold weapons, continental part of SEA, Russian Far East, Tibet, hunting weapons and tools of traditional crafts of peoples of Siberia and Far East (Moscow, Russia) All of author’s articles Vietnamese Bladed Melee Weapon of 19th – first half 20th Century. The Problems of Attribution The Unique Bronze Dagger from Primorski Territory Two Pairs of the Short Ritual Swords of Vietnam