Kiziria V.

Abstract: In the article on the basis of analysis of available historical evidence the attempt is made to identify the type of Mingrelian thrusting dagger based on the analysis of historical evidence of the specific circumstances of cut and thrust in the Caucasian societies. Historically, the thrust and cutting were divided: in duels within the community, a thrust as a more lethal technique was banned, it was allowed only cutting and slashing attacks. However, according to the sources, a taboo did not work in battle with an external enemy, in case of life protection. Based on the analysis of available information the Mingrelian thrusting dagger attributed as mainly belonged to the group of the representatives of Mingrelian society in the early 19th century, that was involved in horse-stealing. The specifics of their occupation, linked to possible fights with the enemy, led to the existence of the detached thrusting dagger predominantly.

Keywords: dagger, kinjal, Caucasus dagger, Mingrelia, satevari, stab, thrust, cut, Khevsurs, blade.