Miloserdov D.

Abstract: In the modern mass consciousness and amongst the many historians and weaponologists, such a type of long bladed weapons as shashka is perceived as exclusively Caucasus or Cossacks weapons. At the same time the Asiatic shashkas are unreasonably forgotten while they were widely disseminated on the territory of Central Asia and probably earlier than on the territory of Caucasus and Russia or Ukraine. In the article the author refers to the historical sources in which such shashkas are mentioned. The author highlights three types of Asian shashkas, con- siders the term “pseudoshashka” that was offered for one of them by Y.Lebedinski and explains it’s incorrectness. The author proposes the version of the original of Asian shashkas from the point of view of economic reasons. The article considers the not previously studied question of typology of regular shashkas of Afghanistan army at the end of 19th – the beginning of 20th centuries. Besides the article studies the areas of the shashka production, how the shashka differed from traditional samples, specifies marks and stamps on the shashka’s blades.

Keywords: Central Asia, Afghanistan, shashka, pseudoshashka, marks, stamps