Talantov S.

Abstract: The article presents the kinjal made by a famous artisan of the first half of 19th Geurk Eliarov from Tiflis. The kinjals made by him are kept in The State Hermitage Museum (Saint Petersburg, Russia), State Historical Museum (Moscow, Russia), The Tsarskoye Selo Museum (Pushkin, Russia), The Dagestan Museum (Makhachkala, Dagestan), in private collections. Geurk Eliarov is considered to be the founder of the Eliarov’s artisan dynasty that increased the glory of the master. The feature of the kinjal described in the article is that it consists of two halves, two blades, which together look like as one blade. Herewith not only the kinjal but also a small knife and a fork attached to it are made of two halves. The separable Caucasian kinjals are very rare. Some of them are in Hermitage collection and private collections. Such kinjals are mentioned in researches and books on Caucasian weapons. The article introduces into scientific circulation a very rare item, which is one of the best works by Geurk Eliarov.

Keywords: kinjal, kama, Geurk Eliarov, Tiflis, blade, separable kinjal.