Dobriden S.

Abstract: The article considers the peculiar type of cold weapon which is called in environ- ment of the historical weapons researchers “Amur sabers” by the name of the Amur-river. It is a long bladed weapon of the Tungusic-Manchu peoples. At the time of writing the article the author did not know any entirely complete Amur- sabers either in museum collections or private ones. The most complete item is a saber in the collection of the American Museum of Natural History. On the territory of Russia there are only separate parts or sabers with some details lost. Having examined the subjects the author classifies the sabers and their cross-guards, the author highlights the main features of the design of Amur-sabers, substantiates why the subject is precisely sabers, specifies the area of its existence. In the opinion of the author the identification of Amur-sabers is still a highly controversial point and needs a thorough and impartial study.

Keywords: Amur-saber, blade, cross-guard, Ainu people, Tungusic people, Far East, Siberia