Zakharov D.

Terekhov E.

Ustyanov A.

Abstract: The article considers a type of the Russian fascine knife that hitherto has not been included in any descriptions of Russian cold weapons. The author defines it not as a modification of the well-known type of 1797, but as the previous type: fascine knife of Shuvalov’s Observation Corps, the type of 1756.

Exactly this type was a base for a separate branch of Russian weapons that consisted of types of fascine knives of 1797 and 1827 and which turned into auxiliary weapons instead of fighting ones. The main difference between the fascine knife of Shuvalov’s Observation Corps type of 1756 and the subsequent types is inequality in the thickness of blades and hence in the weight of the weapons.

Keywords: fascine knife, Shuvalov’s Observation Corps, cold weapons, Russia, modification