Toichkin D.

Abstract: The article discusses the two swords of the Balkan origin of the 18th century, which on a number of characteristics can be attributed as belonging to the Ukrainian Cossack officers. The main difficulty in the implementation of attribution is the lack of reliable criteria for separating the actual Cossack officers’ sabers. After all, unlike the works of other branches of decorative-applied art, Ukrainian saber does not show any strong national artistic traditions, or distinctive jewelry or smithing technology. Set by the historical realities of the kingdom of Western and Eastern influences, Ukrainian bladed weapon of New time left well-disguised Eastern European “average unit”, with a hefty portion of the Eastern culture. Thus, for the allocation of the Cossack subjects worked out by the hands of Ukrainian masters, it is necessary to examine a number of characteristics. They were taken into account attributing the two described in the article of swords.

Keywords: saber, carabela, blade, Ukraine, cob, bladed epigraphy.