Arkhangelsky L.

Abstract: The article reconstructs the production technology of the so-called “Paren knives” that were made by smiths of the village “Paren” in the north of Kamchatka Peninsula.

The village was founded in the 18th century and named after the river it is situated on.

The author marks out three types of Paren knives: a big one with the blade more than 30 cm long and 7-8 mm thick; a knife for the belt with the blade 15-18 cm long and 4,5-5 mm thick; a small one “auxiliary” with the blade 7-10 cm long. The blades of the knives were made from iron, which had been lying long in salt water and had rusted. The knives of the best quality came out from the metal of the Norwegian steamboat “Torres” that had crashed at the beginning of the 20th century.

Keywords: knife, grip, sheath, smith, Kamchatka Peninsula