Levykin A. K., Novoselov V. R. (2021). Kinzhal seraskira Agmeta Urfe-Valesy – relikvija russkoj voennoj slavy [The Dagger of the Serasker Agmet Urfe-Valesa, a Relic of Russian Military Glory]. Istoricheskoe oruzhievedenie [Weapons History Journal], № 10, pp.  117— 149.

Levykin A. K., Novoselov V. R.

Abstract: The article examines a precious Turkish dagger that belonged to a high-ranking Turkish military commander Agmet Urfe-Valesa.  The dagger became a trophy of the Russian army in the Battle of Galatsa on November 5, 1769. The detachment of the Russian army that won this victory was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel F. I. Fabrizian, who for this victory was awarded the honor of becoming the first knight of the Order of St. George, which the Empress Catherine II founded shortly before this event. A rare dagger, decorated with enamels and a precious diamond setting, it was sent by the commander of the Russian army, Count P. A. Rumyantsev to the court together with a message about the victory. The Council of Army Officers asked the Empress to accept this valuable trophy and keep it in the Imperial Ryust-kamera. Based on archival documents, the authors of the article reestablished the history of this dagger associated with the victory and awarding of F. I. Fabrizian. The article also explores the attribution of this dagger. The typological belonging of the weapon to the Iranian daggers of the “khanjar” type, which were widely distributed throughout the territory of the Ottoman Empire, is noted. The authors Establish its Turkish origin and the influence on its decor of European masters of jewelry and enamel making. This rare, decorated dagger became a unique memorial, one of the few trophies of the Russian-Turkish wars of the XVIII century that have survived to our time.

Keywords: dagger, khanjar, Turkish weapons.

Category: Articles

Received: April 7, 2021 Accepted: June 3, 2021 Published: June 25, 2021

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