January 12th, 2015 Gorelik Mikhail Viktorovich aged 71 passed away. He was one of the most famous contemporary Russian historians of weaponology. Educated as an expert of arts he was a leading expert in the field of historical reconstruction in the Soviet period and modern Russia.

Scientific reconstructions of weaponry suits and equipment of ancient and medieval peoples made under his supervision are stored in the Russian State Historical Museum, the Tower of London, the state museums in Kiev (Ukraine) and Almaty (Kazakhstan).  He was awarded with the main Russian cinematic award for designing more than a hundred historical suits and equipment for the historical period drama “Yermak” about the Russian conquest of Siberia.

As a result of his scientific interest in ancient and medieval weapons of Eurasia are his books: “Armies of Mongolo-Tatars in 900-1300” and “Weapons of Ancient Oriental. 4000 BC-300 AD” and dozens of articles about the history of weapons and warfare.

He made an invaluable contribution to the increase of interest in the history of weapons among many people.

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