Samgin S.

Abstract: Soviet cavalry shashka of pattern 1927   was produced for 18 years (from 1928 to 1946 gg), mainly at the factory in Zlatoust. During this period, there were not any major changes in the design of shashka, and most part of changes were in different materials (metals), the pommel decoration and factory marks. But there were non-standard shashkas of pattern 1927 that were produced small parties for a special order.

In addition, to the group of “non-standard” shashkas can be attributed ones that were produced during the Second World War in other factories of the Soviet Union. These shashkas are discussed in this article. The study draws attention to the peculiarities of the construction, decoration and marking.

Keywords: shashka, surrogate fittings, Vytis, Lithuania, Zlatoust, Ordzhonikidze wagon-repair factory, Tambov wagon-repair factory.