Dear Colleagues,

By the beginning of 20th century Russian historical weaponology had already been formed, while during the Soviet period it almost did not develop disappearing not only from the university curriculum, but also specialized publications. Only single materials were published mostly due to archaeological research. Ignoring historical weaponolgy as a historical discipline led not only to the decrease in a number scientific works and experts but also to the shortage of sources, which were concentrated in special repositories with an extremely limited access.
Now the situation is improving. Reprinted and adapted republished works of 19th century, recent and absolutely new works by Russian and foreign experts are making up for the shortage of information. The debate environment is being actively formed both as customary conferences and as a new form of debate on specialized websites. Russian historical weaponology is actively developing, and it needs regular systematization and organization on an academic base.
The journal “Historical Weaponology”, that is the only specialized scientific periodical journal in Russia, is being created for the purposes. In general, the journal consists of materials related to production, existence, collection, exhibition, restoration and research of historical weapons. All the materials: articles, announces, reviews of new books, information about exhibitions and conferences will be published in the journal as well as on the website. On the website in open access there are annotations, keywords and information about the authors.
The authors of the journal are experts, curators of museums, tutors of universities, students and private researchers. The readers are the ones mentioned above as well as collectors and non-professionals. We invite everyone to take part in the project implementation in order to assist historical weaponology to regain its independent status among historical sciences as it used to be at the beginning of 20 th century.

Best regards, Editorial Board