Sheremetyev D.

Abstract: The article describes some aspects of the kinjal use in the Caucasus in the19th century. It considers technique possibilities of cutting and stabbing strikes with the kinjal in detail.

As an example, which demonstrates the cultural meanings of the cutting strike, the article takes the situation of the single combat between two warriors equal in their standing. The conclusion has been made that the cutting strike expresses a superiority of the fighting spirit and the right to exercise power.

As a cultural context manifesting the cultural points related to the stabbing strike the article considers the situation of the fighting against the beast – a case in which any equality between the warrior and the beast is impossible.

There are certain examples demonstrating possibilities and risks of the stabbing strike in regard to the stronger opponent.

The conclusion has been made that the two shown types of the single combat are different and are even opposed to each other but they both assist to promote the heroic pattern in the culture.

Keywords: Caucasian kinjal, stubbing strike, cutting strike, heroic warrior, single combat, duel, fighting with a beast