Samgin S.

Abstract: Historical Weaponology has had the status of an auxiliary historical discipline for a long time. However, in Russia, it has not formed yet because in the Soviet period professional activities were interrupted, studies were not published, foreign works were not translated. Today Historical Weaponology in Russia is successfully regaining the lost ground. However, the situation with the training of future experts in this area has not changed, in Russia there are no educational programs on Historical Weaponology. Meanwhile, such programs could not only contribute to the increase of interest in historical weapons, but also lay the foundation for the specialization of professional historians. To achieve the purposes the course of lectures “Introduction to the historical Weaponology” was developed in 2013.

The course consists of three modules: the basic – 6 lectures (12 hours), optional – 2 lectures (4 hours), specialized – 5 lectures (10 hours). In total, all three modules form an advanced course of 13 lectures (26 hours). When developing the course there was used literature, published in the XIX – XX centuries, which includes Russian and foreign research on Historical Weaponology. The samples of  historical weapons provided by Tambov regional museum and private collectors, were used during practical trainings.

The course of lectures is one of the first attempts to develop a course on historical Weaponology in Russia. Its advantages are the use of a large number of illustrative materials, grouped in sets of slides for each lecture, organization of practical trainings with samples of historical weapons, flexibility and adaptability to the requirements of the educational process.

The course was piloted in 2014, during the studies with second-year students of the history department in Tambov State University. The results can be regarded as positive.

Keywords: weaponology historical arms, historical weapons, research centers, аuxiliary historical disciplines, a course of lectures, Tambov State University.