Talantov S. (2016). Kinzhal Timofeja Jashhika — kamer-kazaka pri imperatore Nikolae II i imperatrice Marii Fedorovne [On the Dagger belonged to Timothy Jaschik, the Bodyguard Cossack in the Emperor Nikolas II and the Empress Maria Fjodorovna Service]. Istoricheskoe oruzhievedenie [Weapons History Journal], № 4, pp. 62 — 73.

Talantov S.

Abstract: The article is devoted to the Caucasus dagger of the kama type with scabbard provided with an inscription on its mouth. On the author’s opinion the personal name which was mentioned in the inscription defines the dagger’s owner, of a Kuban Cossack Timothy Ksenofontovich Jaschik, who in 1902 was on service in Tiflis. Timothy Jaschik and his astonishing fate which was tightly connected with the family of the last Russian Emperor is attractive to the vast audience who take interest not only in the history of the Cossacks weapons but in the Russian history of the beginning of the 20th century in general. Analyzing the primary sources the author reconstructed the biography of the Cossack who served with intervals in the Emperor Escort convoy from 1904 till 1918. In 1918 he took Grand Duchess Olga Aleksandrovna, Nikolas II’s younger sister, to his native village and later organized the departure of her family abroad. As a base for his research the author chose Jaschik’s own memoirs written during his emigration in Denmark and containing some interesting information not only on the Cossack everyday life but on the weapons, uniform, etc. Special attention in the article was devoted to the features of the uniform accepted specially for the bodyguard Cossacks. Several types of gorgeous uniform dresses (dress coat, everyday and mourning uniforms) were designed on the base of traditional Cossack overcoat. Jaschik’s personal Cossack small sword (the so called shashka) and dagger which he took along his emigration were preserved in the Danish national museum. On the author’s opinion the dagger the present article is devoted to was obtained by Jaschik in Tiflis before he entered the court service. The weapon is of great historical significance and reflects the proud history of Cossack body guard standing over the last Russian Emperor and Empress Dowager in the true and devoted service till their dying day and not violating on thier oath during the hard times of Russian civil war and life abroad.

Keywords: dagger, Caucasus, Tiflis, Jaschik, body guard Cossack, Emperor body guard, small word.