Talantov S.

Abstract: The article describes the Caucasian dagger “kama” in a sheath with an inscription on the mouthpiece. The author believes that the inscription points out to the owner of the dagger – a Kuban cossack Timophey Ksenofontovich Yashik, who was in the service at that time in Tiflis in 1902. This cossack himself and his amazing destiny are very interesting for the very wide audience interested not only in the history of Cossack weapons but Russian history of the beginning 20th century too. The dagger of kamer-cossack is a subject that has a significant historical value, a monument of the glorious history of camer-cossacks guarding the Emperor and Empress, faithfully serving to the end of their days, without changing their oath and their military duty during the hard times of the Civil war and after emigrating from Russia.

Keywords: dagger, Caucasian, Tiflis, kamer-cossack, convoy, escort, guard.