Samgin S.

Abstract: The article analyzes the works of Edward Lenz who was the most famous historian of Russia in the field of historical weapons at the end of 19th – beginning of 20th centuries. The range of his interests was quite wide, from systematization and de- scription of the Russian collections of weapons to analysis of the archaeological weapons, study of technology and the centers of weapon production, popularization of historical weaponology in general. The most profitable period of his scientific research was the time from 1899 to 1919, when he held the position of the curator of the State Hermitage Museum weapons collection – one of the biggest and richest collections of Europe of that time. The peculiarity of his research was the detailed descriptions of weapons along with their photography. Such approach to the study of weapons corresponded to the principle which was formulated by him, and in accordance with which the description of items should be so detailed that their study “became accessible for those readers who will not have an opportunity to see the items that they are interested in the original”. His scientific heritage despite the relatively small amount of his works has not lost its relevance nowadays.

Keywords: Lenz, weaponology, historiography, weapons classification, marks, stamps, Hermitage