Zvjagincev M.I. (2023). Opyt rekonstrukcii sistemy konnogo fehtovanija po «Pravilam i nastavlenijam po uprazhnenijam s mechom v kavalerii» s ispol’zovaniem originalov sabli legkoj kavalerii obr. 1796 g. [Reconstruction of the Mounted Swordsmanship System According to “Rules and Regulations for the Sword Exercise of the Cavalry” With the Use of the Original Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry Sword]. Istoricheskoe oruzhievedenie [Weapons History Journal], № 12, pp. 263 — 315.

Zvjagincev M.I.

Abstract: The article analyzes reconstruction results of the mounted swordsmanship system developed by John Gaspard Le Marchant in his “Rules and Regulations for the Sword Exercise of the Cavalry“. The analysis is applied to the Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry sword which was presented in two original copies.

Experiments, including performance of horse-riding techniques, established the aspects of adapting the Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry sword to the requirements of Regulations. The article reveals the peculiarities of sword techniques which either were not directly and clearly fixed in Regulations, or in principle could not be described in detail due to the abstract nature of the manual. This demonstrates the fact that the author of Regulations had some ideal view on mounted swordsmanship system.

The article establishes the main reasons why the author of Regulations chooses cuts as a priority attacking action against equestrian opponents. Experiments allowed to determine critical moments for cutting which relate to an additional leverage effect of a handle inside a palm and a movement of a straight arm horizontally towards the impact. Analysis defines the reasons for complicating the system by introducing original ways of holding a sword for parries and thrusts, as well as the conditions for using the Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry sword in such cases.

Other sources on mounted swordsmanship are also considered in the article which allows to additionally confirm a number of theses, as well as to reveal some technical nuances missed in Regulations themselves. A conclusion is made about the original nature of Le Marchant’s system.

Keywords: British Cavalry swordsmanship, British Cavalry swords, John Gaspard Le Marchant, Rules and Regulations for the Sword Exercise of the Cavalry.

Category: Articles

Received: December 6, 2022 Accepted: February 8, 2023 Published: March 31, 2023

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