Miloserdov D.


The article is devoted to the relevance of the term “karud” in the aspect of use in the European weapon terms derived from Oriental languages and belonging to different types of short blade weapons. The term “carud” is under consideration, which appears on the pages of special publication involving weapons of Central Asian, Iranian, Afghan and Indian regions. The author conducts a historicalgraphy research of the emergence of the term “karud” and “peshkabz” in European weapon literature. Based on the publications of the 19th century, including the dictionary, published by traditions of 18th and 19th century specialists, who spent many years in the East, the author concludes that the term “karud” really existed. Analyzing the similarities and differences of the use of the terms “karud” and “peskabz” which is based on the different shape of the blades, taking into consideration this fact as well as the newly opened data of the etymology, author concludes, that there are two different sample of arms, each of which had its own name. So today is not only relevance, but also must clearly distinguish between “karud” as a combat knife with a straight blade and T-shaped spine, and “peshkabz”.

Keywords: karud, peskabz, Indian knife, Afghan knife, dagger, weapons of Afghanistan, weapons of India