Samgin S.

Abstract: Despite the fact that the 1927 pattern Soviet shashka is the most often item of Russian long-bladed weapons in private collections, its history and characteristic features are still not studied well enough. Available information about the subject is scattered across multiple specialized printed sources and electronic resources. The main purpose of this review is to put together and organize all available information on this weapon. The review includes the general information about the 1927 pattern Soviet shashka, the constructive changes, peculiar properties of décor and marks during 1928-1946, descriptions of non-standard shashkas produced in Zlatoust and other factories of the USSR during the Second World War. The elements of design, the shashkas features of various release periods and factories, various marks and stamps are described.

Keywords: the 1927 pattern Soviet shashka, shashka, blade, sheath, hilt, marks, stamp, non-standard shashkas